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BeaTogeTher with friends is a show celebrating 60 years of music of the greatest band in history, the Beatles, performing their greatest hits along with songs they wrote and gave to other bands, their "Friends" of that era, such as Peter and Gordon, The Rolling Stones, songs of their that otehr bands recorded at that time, such as The Hollies, , The Bryds, The Beach Boys and more. 

"Beatogether with Friends" is
NOT just another "Beatles tribute" band, trying to look and act like four English lads in their 20's. This seasoned ensemble of performerds within "Beatogether" are all professional musicians who have been performing live shows all over the country for decades, including these songs of the Beatles.  Though they don't wear costumes of Beatles tribute bands, their performance includes the classic look of suits without ties and the classic instruments they use to replicate the sounds of the Beatles and Friends. 

During the show, members of "Beatogether with Friends" band share "
back stories" between each song to entertain the audience with "INFOTAINMENT" as heard on such media as "The Beatles channel 18 on Sirius XM everyday. While the band performs each song, there are rare movie clips, videos, and photos of the original artists performing their songs on a big screen behind the band.

BeaTogeTher with friends is a musical extravaganza to entertain audiences of any size for any venue including performing art theaters, private and corporate events. 

Meet the band members and some of their history on the next page.
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